PR115 inox

Electric rotary joints with silp ring and fluidic joint

Without through hole

With stainless steel cover of 112mm

  • With fluidic joints, one direction G1/4″
  • Insulation voltage up to 600V
  • Rings: brass
  • Standard degree of protection IP67
  • Rings  output cable: axial
  • Brushes output cable: radial
  • Ring-brush contact resistance: < 20 mohm
CodeRings N°Power ringsFluidic jointsSegnalRPM MaxHousing
PR115 Basic55x20 AmpG 1/4"Profinet15Fe/Al
PR115 Inox55x20 AmpG 1/4"Profinet15AISI304
PR115 Basic55x20 AmpNoProfinet15Fe/Al
PR115 Inox55x20 AmpNoProfinet15AISI304
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  • Bottle filling machinery

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