Contact-Less PT100-TCJ

It’s a contactless temperature trasducer that detect signals from 2 external heating elements placed on the rotating part. With the changes of the detected temperature, the trasducer transform the resistance value in order to transmit a digital signal to the fixed part of the tranducer Its reduced dimensions allows its integration with a power-modular slip ring, maintaining its compactness
  • Its high resistance to vibrations makes it the best solution for hard working machinery, where other slip ring may get damaged or misread the signals.
  • Galvanic isolated
  • No maintainence required
  • Limitless endurance
  • Limitless rotation speed
  • Small convenient size
  • Standard degree of protection:Ip20
ModelInput signalsOutput analogic signal
Output signal
MTA-2PT-M18-432 PT100
24 - 2024
MTA-1J+1PT-M18-431 PT100 + TCJ24 - 2024
MTA-2J-M18-432 TCJ24 - 2024
Read the pdf with all the tecnical specifications HERE or get  it here 
  • Temperature-reading machinery
  • Wrapping machinery
  • Inline welding machinery
  • Heat cutting machinery
  • Plastic printing machines

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