Contact-Less 3PT100 Slip ring

It is a non-contact temperature transducer. It detects signals from 3 PT100 thermoelements simultaneously, placed on rotating or moving parts. The 3 thermoelements change their resistance value as the temperature changes, they convert the digital signal and send it to the fixed part of the transducer. The digitalized information is converted to 3-20mA analog signals suitable for external controllers. The construction technology used meets the needs of working environments where the vibration of the production cycle is an element that interferes with and disrupts traditional manifolds. Designed to operate at temperatures well above those of normal manifolds. An alarm signals any cable breakages. 24Vdc power supply required. Through hole ø 32mm
  • Detecte signal from up to 3 external heating elements at the same time
  • In case of a failing entrance signal, it dispose of a warning light
  • Galvanic isolation
  • No maintainence required
  • Limitless endurance
  • Limitless rotation speed
  • Small convenient size
  • Standard degree of protection: Ip20
ModelInput signalOutput analogic signal
Output signal
Hole diam
CLTR3PT1003 PT10034 - 20 2432
  • Temperature-reading machinery
  • Wrapping machinery
  • Inline welding machinery
  • Heat cutting machinery
  • Plastic printing machines

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