Printed slip ring

The monoblock printed slip ring is made from the molding of bronze rings with thermosetting  resin loaded with glass fiber. A single block is obtained by this process, after a further machining on a lathe, it becomes an excellent finished product.

  • The wide combinations of choice between the number of rings, rings treatments, size of the external diameter and the size of the through hole make us possible to meet the most varied requirement.
  • The mechanical stability and centering on the shaft ensure a symmetrical rotation of the collector
  • Rings: brass
  • Available rings with silver/gold treatment.
  • Output: PIN
  • Standard degree of protection: IP00
ModelN° RingsRing rate
Hole diam. MIN
Hole diam. MAX
ModelN° RingsRing rate AmpHole diam. MIN
Hole diam. MAX
CM-02 2101819
CM-03 41018
CM-05 2102329
CM-06 2 ̴ 6201825
CM-07 2 ̴ 4202234
CM-122 ̴ 8202445
CM-132 ̴ 8252545
CM-142 ̴ 8302245
CM-162 ̴ 6352260
CM-182 ̴ 8404575
CM-192 ̴ 3503565
CM-222 ̴ 3604090
CM-232 ̴ 410075100
CM-252 ̴ 315075130
CM-262 ̴ 45075170
CM-272 ̴ 330075150
Read the pdf with all the tecnical specifications HERE or get it here 

Thanks to its flexibility of applicationthe areas in which can be used are many:

  • Wrapping machinery
  • Industrial automation machinery in general

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