The company, based in Vigonovo (Venice), has been operating for over 40 years in the industrial automation sector.

The company work particularly in the design and production of electrical manifolds, fluid couplings for air, water and oil and the combination of two components (in standardized versions and on customer specifications) also with ATEX certification. Thanks to its constant commitment to research and technological updating, and in particularly to its ability to customize meeting the needs and requests of every customer, the company provides its products to major customers worldwide.

The studies regarding rotating connections have made Celco Profil a leader in this industry. It is thanks to the wide range of products and the ability of the technical staff to find solutions to the most varied demands that Celco Profil can boast collaborations with the most important companies in the industrial automation sector.

The design department is available to study the most appropriate solution to the demands, combining traditional electrical manifolds with technologically advanced devices.

The customer can make use of collaborative technical support in both pre-sales and post-sales phases, considering the applications even if there are arduous working conditions or situations in which it is not possible to use materials with a high environmental risk.

The quality of the products put on the market allow CELCO PROFIL to guarantee the same for the duration of 24 months (not including consumables). The assembly operations are performed with care in order to ensure greater reliability in time. Before being packed, the product is tested in the test laboratory by qualified personnel.


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Celco Profil srl